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#26 April 2

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Re: Emigrating out of Lebanon - General Questions

user wrote:
Techlover wrote:

Hi guys,

I am trying to find a way to immigrate outside Lebanon. I am a Computer and telecommunications(Masters of engineering) graduate with 2 years experience in the IT field ( IT Support).

I am trying to find a way to immigrate (since i can't find a fresh dollars job in the IT infrastructure field here, seems they are rare in Lebanon(contrarily to development jobs) .

What ways do you suggest to immigrate? I have uncles and aunts in the UK, Canada. But after my research i found they can't really help .

What alternative ways could work so i can move out with such a limited experience?


I think if you get it up to 3 years you might be able to apply to Canada and have a good chance of being accepted. The immigration process does not give a shit about how in demand your job is, they only care that work experience matches the degree, and that your masters is from a university they recognize, and that you are under 30, and that you have a good english score.
I am also told that Canada still accepts proof of funds from Lebanese banks, even though the banks are holding the money hostage, they also still recognize 1500 lira as one dollar, so show them proof of 15 million liras and you are set to go.

If you do make it to here, it doesn't matter if you work your first year as a cashier at walmart, you'll still be paid more than in Lebanon, and you can climb the ladder of jobs with time.

If you are nearing 30, you should shift focus towards Australia, you have to hit 33 years old before you start being at a disadvantage. But 2 years of work experience and approaching 30 would be a very bad combination

Proof of funds is not a matter of paper evidence only. You need an actual Canadian USD when you land in there as a visa express entry. The Canadian government will not provide you anything  at the first stage.  You need to manage your rent and life expenses until you find a job. Therefore,  the 15million LBP at the current hyper inflation will result at 15 million LBP / 11500 ( current rate) = 1304 USD = 1640 CAD $ , which is way below the threshold to manage your life when you land there. In addition the process ( degrees accreditation , IETLTs, visa express entry file processing , biometrics … ) all to be paid in fresh USD too. For example for a family  of 3 members ( husband , wife , and a kid ) you need approximately 3500$ before going to Canada.

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