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#1 April 6 2017


How much to charge for a website?

Hello, I am a CS student and recently when I told my dad about a project for a course, he told me that one of his connections needs a website and he could let me make it for him. I took up the offer(nothing official, just said I would do it), but we still haven't agreed on the price. The website is relatively simple. To give some details but I have to keep it obscure, it will display pages/images about upcoming events, profiles on some people, contact information, etc... and will require no input from the visitor. It's a relatively simple task and I have no idea how much I should charge. If anyone could give me some help, it would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


#2 April 6 2017


Re: How much to charge for a website?

This has already been discussed: https://lebgeeks.com/forums/viewtopic.php?id=7855

I think the best way is to charge per hour. The more experienced you are, the more you can charge.


#3 April 6 2017


Re: How much to charge for a website?

Yes this has been discussed many times before.

My advice:

Try to aim for an hourly rate. Aim for a good hourly rate, this is qualified work.
Estimate how many hours the website will take, and multiply that by your hourly rate.
To be able to estimate the time needed you will need some details.

Keep in mind that it usually takes more time then expected, and that for every hour of work, you will have to spend time answering the phone, answering emails, maybe go to meetings. And if you become successful in the future you will need to add taxes and other expenses too. So have a good margin.

Some clients will try to squeeze you out and make you work for free, because they think you are a student and you are desperate and naive.

Make it clear that the client is responsible for providing feedback and needed material, and he still has to pay if he fails to do that. Also refuse to do extra work for free, such as changes which were not initially agreed upon. Bill these by hour.

Oh also one last thing, ask for a good down-payment and do not release your work (install on their server, etc.) until you receive the final payment. In this case if the client turns their back and refuse to pay, at least they have paid something and you are not totally ripped off.

Even I don't follow all the rules above, but keep them in mind! They can help in avoiding grief and stress, and weed out the bad customers.
Good luck.

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#4 April 10 2017


Re: How much to charge for a website?

Use Squarespace. You can charge some 300$ max


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