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Forum rules

Please read this:

  1. Write your posts in proper English, like in an academic essay. Good: "Are you a geek?" • Bad: "R u a GeEeK?! LOL".
  2. No Arabic in Latin characters. Use Arabic script.
  3. Respect other members, don't say things you wouldn't say to their faces.
  4. Don't talk about LebGeeks on LebGeeks. We have meetings for that.
  5. Don't create topics to rant and complain. There are more appropriate channels for that (e.g., facebook).
  6. Don't advertise. This includes self-promotion and job listings.
  7. Don't troll. Deliberately posting provocative content will get you banned.
  8. No religion or politics. This is a technology forum.
  9. No useless posts. Including: '+1', 'lol', 'me too', 'I agree', or ':)' and other posts that add no value to the discussion.
  10. No links to copyrighted material. Get your warez elsewhere.

We strive to be a friendly community where members post quality, thoughtful content that is useful and adds value to other people's lives. There are better-suited forums and social networks for chatting and posting memes, please direct these messages there.

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