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#1 May 28 2019


AMD's New 7 nm GPU and CPU lineup

Well for fellow regular visitors of the Hardware forum, i think you know what this is about.

AMD recently unveiled during Computex their line-up of 7nm fab GPU (Navi) and CPU (Zen 2). It would interesting to know your take in this and if the console design and manufacturing process had something to do with both the GPU and CPU under 7 nm fab.

Come on share your thoughts!

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#2 May 29 2019

Tech Guru

Re: AMD's New 7 nm GPU and CPU lineup

Remember the FX series? They had really high core counts and clock rates, too, but look how that turned out. They looked good on paper but were actually absymal behind the scenes.

Until we see side by side benchmarks run by consumers and third party reviewers, not by AMD's marketing team, we can't be sure how well these will actually run or how they will hold up to their Intel counterparts. Withhold your judgement until then.

I have been  following tech channels / pages / forums ,  and I love how all the Amd fan boys come out when new hardware is announced to proclaim Intel's or Nvidia's impending doom. But strangely enough when the benchmarks start coming in they become silent once more.

AMD claims that the Navi 7nm RX 5000 is 10 %  faster than the RTX 2070. Again

7nm vs 12nm
Catch Me a Year Later

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#3 May 31 2019


Re: AMD's New 7 nm GPU and CPU lineup

Back then the strategy didn't pay off. Developers didn't make use of core count, but clock speeds mattered a lot more.
Today, now that clock speed isn't easy to improve on due to physical limitations, and now that software development has matured past the dependency on clock speeds alone, AMD's strategy and research in core-count development might pay off.

Also, there's the fact that Intel CPUs will be heavily affected by the patches they need to remedy the attacks like meltdown, spectre, zombihand, etc... while AMD has no problems at all.

Then there's on of the most important factors... Money! Although it's not a problem for you as we all know, when I can buy a 12 core CPU for 500$ instead of 1200$ and get almost the same performance (although still theoretical like you said), I will : )

As you said, we shall wait and see. But at any rate, if AMD pulls this off, it's nothing but good news for us regardless if we're AMD or Intel fanbois. It's good for the market!

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