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#1 April 15 2018

Tech Guru

God of War 4

I know #PCMASTERACE People might be triggered; As a Computer Gaming Enthusiast who owns A High End Gaming Rig , Why Not double the Fun and play God of War 4 on the PS4 Pro linked to a Sony 55 " X930E 4K capable HDR TV.

Trash it or not , Sony Exclusives Are Damn Fun. Very Solid Storyline and Good Graphics. I know it is "CheackerBoard 2160p" not native 2160p and 30fps but still fun.

I know on the PC 2160p Ultra 60 fps or 1440p Ultra 120 hz , but resting on the couch and playing God of War 4 via PS4 Pro and a 55 inch 4K capable HDR TV Set enhance the entertaining factor too.  It is like the small cherry on the top of the cake.

Xbox One X Days will be Tough ?




Digital Foundry:

God of War on PS4/ PS4 Pro: A Stunning Tech Showcase!



#2 April 15 2018


Re: God of War 4

Don't forget the world's toughest critics at Polygon, who gave the game a solid 10.

Plus, I would probably call this just God of War, since it's technically a soft reboot of the series.


#3 April 19 2018

Tech Guru

Re: God of War 4

Welcome Home :)




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