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#1 July 28 2022


How does one get an internship in August?

Hello everyone,

I'm in my last year of CE. I think I missed the window for internship offers as I only found unrelated internships and "unpaid job" offers. I'm hoping I can find an internship before September so I don't feel pressured by my schedule. Any tips to broaden my search/recommendations, simple facts I should know or how you got yours would help me alot since I have little to no knowledge about getting one other than searching on Google.


#2 July 29 2022


Re: How does one get an internship in August?

I'm assuming CE means computer engineering?

1. Find every single software / app / web development company in Lebanon by googling around.
2. Call every single one of them. Ask them if they are offering internships. Be polite but insisting. Focus on what you an offer them.
3. Send them a one page document covering your profile. Have a photo, one paragraph that acts as your cover letter, and a mini-CV.

This is the traditional approach. Of course, you can get creative depending on your skills: rebuild / redesign their homepage. Come up with an interesting idea for their business, be unique in how you reach out to them etc. These would act as better conversation starters and would make you stand out.

You may need to soften your salary requirements (maybe enough to cover your most basic living and transportation costs?). This is an internship after all, and your primary objective should be to learn and get a foot in the door in a company that may offer you a job in the future.

Good luck! I hope this helps.


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