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#1 4 weeks ago


Hello, World!

How's everybody doing?

Name's Kareem, I mainly work in the field of design but my curiosity led me to dabble in some basic coding languages.
I love hardware and tech. I'm a firm believer in the "right to repair" act and I really enjoy repairing and building stuff.

Quarantine lockdown got me to start my own YouTube channel. I'm trying to make it 100% Arabic (it's a bit of a challenge especially technical words) and tailor it to basically be an Arabic tech tips and repairs channel.

What else... In my professional career, I've worked/helped with/at a lot of startups and I have experience in creating projects, launching products, getting them into market, patents etc...

This forum always came up when I was googling stuff for my projects so it was a no brainer I would join.

Let's get this party started \o/


#2 4 weeks ago


Re: Hello, World!

Hi Kareem,
Welcome to LebGeeks!

Thanks for the meaty introduction (ha) and enjoy your stay :-)


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