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#1 January 4 2007


Question of RAMs


I've had my Corsair VS1GBKIT400 1GB PC-3200 DDR-400MHz CL 2.5 Dual Channel Kit for about a year now.. it is good, but i want to upgrade my system so it gets 2GB.

Since pcandparts doesnt have the ValueSelect memory anymore, i want to know if it works well with Corsair XMS TWINX1024-3200C2PT 1GB ( 2 x 512MB ) PC-3200 DDR-400MHz CL 2 Dual Channel Kit
(2-3-3-6) ** cant find the timings on my actual rams // not a memory geek ** ??

Imputs are always welcome

Edit: Motherboard is MSI K8N Neo4-F Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4
(eh eh, not an "intel original" fan  AMD ftw)

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#2 January 4 2007

karim soubra

Re: Question of RAMs

it will work but at the speed of the slower ram (Corsair VS1GBKIT400)
as for the timing you will find and modify them in the bios


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