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#1 January 31 2006


Modding for a girl

Hi guys,
I checked the Modding forum.
there are actually very nice computer mods .

I am thinking of doing some modding myself

a monitor was burned at work.. uhum..don't look at me ... so i took it home to do a modding test.
we are expecting a case to be burned next week [that was a joke ]

so any suggestions for a girly modding with a modding ?
i am doing first on the test monitor.

thanks for ur ideas


#2 January 31 2006


Re: Modding for a girl

Pink spray? lol I really can't suggest anything what kind of modding to a screen are you thinking about? and btw it depends on what you like you do know everyone is different ;P


#3 February 1 2006

karim soubra

Re: Modding for a girl

i would advise on a theme mod but make lots of sketches and plans as for the spraying it wont work just by sprying it you need to have a primer coat then the base color (maybe you need different layers of colors) and to finish the process seal it with lacker
if you have any question about the subject don't hesitate to ask


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