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#1 November 24 2020


Hello fellow geeks

Hello fellow geeks,

I have seen this forum some time ago and sometimes I come to it to explore the technology and geeks scene in Lebanon. Now it is time to join, so... here is a little about me:

I am a University lecturer in Cryptography in a UK university. 
I remember spending my childhood on a commodore 64 in Beirut in the late 80s. It was extremely difficult to find games at this time during the war. I remember waiting for the commodore magazine to arrive a month or two late. Surprisingly there was a large community of gamers and we used to exchange games.  I was only 10 years old at that time and had to drag my father when there is no fighting in Beirut to exchange games.

As you can imagine I am a super geek who spends his free time (if not working) geeking in my home office. I will put some photos later on of some of the super machines I have at home. I ve been mining as well for from the early 2011 and currently have two miners. Only one is mining, the other is being used for deep learning.

I do play some games sometimes (when i have time) and lately i have been learning how to play airbus neo on microsoft flight simulator - Damn it is difficult.

Very happy to see this community and looking forward to contribute.


#2 November 24 2020


Re: Hello fellow geeks

Hey welcome to the forums!
I wasn't around the C64 era but i do love to watch all the demoscene videos created back then.


#3 November 24 2020


Re: Hello fellow geeks

Hey Azuk, I'm glad you decided to join after lurking for a while :)
Welcome to LebGeeks!

. I ve been mining as well for from the early 2011 and currently have two miners.

Which PoW function have you been solving on your miner? I'm guessing something you can throw a powerful GPU on…

Enjoy your stay!


#4 November 24 2020


Re: Hello fellow geeks

Hi Samer and Flak,
Thanks  for the welcome

Samer- for deep learning, I am using my cards for Neural cryptography
the other machine is mining ETH at the moment, but I have mined at different times ETC, DCR and RVN and bitcoin - believe it or not, GPUs were good at mining bitcoins in the early days.



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