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#1 March 23 2018


What are the best tools I can use for app sustainability?


I'm looking for following type of tools for an app development project:

1. A Crash Analytics Tool.
2. A scalable, robust SQL database.
3. A scalable storage service (for images and other media).
4. Usage Analytics.

At first I was excited about Google Firebase but the NoSQL database was a turnoff.

What I found so far:

Sentry for Crash Analytics: https://sentry.io/welcome/
Segment for Analytics: https://segment.com/ (a little overwhelming, I don't think I'll need all of its features)
Amplitude for Analytics: https://amplitude.com/pricing?ref=nav

The target platforms will be iOS and Android. Suggestions are welcome regardless of development platform limitations, I'll be using what fits best.



#2 March 23 2018


Re: What are the best tools I can use for app sustainability?

Pretty cool, thanks.

Do you know of a cross platform development framework that is efficient in the use of resources (CPU, memory, storage)?

For the database (server-side), I normally use MySQL. I have never been in a situation where I had to scale it, but I think it has some capabilities.

I read that PostgreSQL is more reliable. There are other options too (MS, etc.). I'm thinking any of these options would suit you. Normally a modern "serious" SQL DB would have some facilities for scaling.

The major advantage of Firebase is the ("two-way") interface or connectivity. I used it with the JavaScript API and if you hook it into your app, the variables will automatically update when the database is updated. I'm not sure what the correct term is. It's like a realtime database, unlike a classic SQL database which you have to poll to get updated results. The flexibility of NoSQL is also considered an advantage.

But you will be locked into Google's services.

For cloud storage, Amazon (AWS) are pretty widespread. They also have database services, by the way.
For archival/backup/long term I like to use Backblaze B2.

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#3 March 23 2018


Re: What are the best tools I can use for app sustainability?

Fabric (acquired by Google) gives you a bunch of the things you asked for: https://fabric.io/kits


#4 March 26 2018


Re: What are the best tools I can use for app sustainability?

I checked Google Cloud and Amazon AWS, and oh boy is the pricing so goddamn confusing. I'd rather get billed a known monthly amount than an obscure hourly rate.

I think I will stick with simpler approaches. I will use one VPS for the database, and a cloud storage solution for data storage (my data will not be too big).

What do you think about the $10/mo Standard Droplet by DigitalOcean ?

Their cloud storage "Spaces" seems reasonable aswell, what do you think?

Fabric looks a lot like Firebase. But afterall, I don't think I'll go for a server-less approach for this project.

A critic on Firebase (I'm not saying it's a bad service, neither are they): https://crisp.chat/blog/why-you-should- … -database/

Why Uber chose MySQL over PostgreSQL: https://eng.uber.com/mysql-migration/

I'll check how pricing goes for analytics and crashlytics with both Firebase and Fabric.

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