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#876 March 16


Re: Shipping from abroad (share your experience)

Has anyone tried https://www.xshippers.com/rates/ ?
Their rate seems better than Shop and Ship. The price includes everything like customs, shipping, TVA, and clearance.


#877 last month


Re: Shipping from abroad (share your experience)

Liban Post is the world's worst postal service.

I ordered a total of 5 items from Aliexpress. 4 in December 2023 and 1 in Feb 2024.

1 item from the December orders arrived last week, rest are still in limbo.

The item from Feb 2024 arrived to Lebanon and then to the distribution center in my area in 3 weeks after ordering. They marked it as delivered even though I never received it so I lost the protection from Aliexpress. Contacted Liban Post by email and they forwarded my request to the correct department 5 days ago and still nothing. The item costs 3x as much as the 4 other items combined.

Aliexpress won't give me a refund without a case number/file from libanpost about a non-delivered item that is marked as delivered, and as you'd expect no response from Liban Post.

It's funny I used to think Aliexpress is slow, but it turns out it's the same as ordering from the US it takes between 1 week to 2 weeks to arrive, but other shipping companies get faster customs clearance, and are actual running businesses unlike Liban Post where it took them 3 weeks after an item cleared customs to deliver it.

Almost 5 months later and only 1 out of 5 total items arrived....

Sorry for the rant, but LibanPost needs to get dissolved or abolished and replaced with a private carrier


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