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#1 May 15 2013


Litespeed servers VS Apache ?


Sorry If I posted this in the wrong section.
I am looking for reseller hosting provider, and MDDHosting seemed interesting compared to other popular providers. The main thing I want is reliability and support. Everything looks great except the servers use "Litespeed technology" instead of Apache.
How does it differ from apache?
I currently have a reseller account with around 20 active websites hosted at an Apache server, does anyone know if everything will work on Litespeed too?



#2 May 15 2013


Re: Litespeed servers VS Apache ?

Hi Fouad,
I hadn't heard of Litespeed before, but if you look at their website, they say that it is completely "Apache interchangeable". They claim it can achieve a much better performance than Apache. Keep in mind that it is closed source and proprietary software. With options like nginx being open source and well–supported, I wouldn't recommend you go in that direction.


#3 May 15 2013


Re: Litespeed servers VS Apache ?

Hello there,

I hadn't heard of Litespeed either. I did spend some time on their server, here's what I gathered:

  • They claim to be compatible with the Apache configuration files.

  • They provide a GUI to operate and administrate the server.

  • They seem biased towards PHP and Ruby on Rails.

Their website is terrible. Not because of the slightly outdated visuals it presents, but for the serious lack of tangible information. The whole thing is just a marketing stunt by random people claiming to be "more performant than Apache". They provide white papers to explain how and why they're faster.

Basically they claim to be faster because the server uses an asynchronous single event loop instead of multi-threading or multi-processing like Apache does. If you know node.js, you're familiar with how this works. The problem is that we have no proof that single event loops are faster than their traditional counter parts. Actually, the only thing we know is that it's sometimes faster.

The problem is not that it uses a cutting edge technology. It's that it doesn't communicate well on the problem. Had they taken the time to expose intelligently their tech, I might be encouraging you to use it. Instead they make big claims and promise you the world. Typical marketing guys, I hate them...

Basically to answer your question: Only move to LiteSpeed if you're feeling adventurous. But don't expect miracles, and don't expect it to work magically out of the box. You're going to have to spend time investigating, debugging ...


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