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#26 January 27 2013


Re: Sell your stuff!

Dean VMNT for sale:

• Mahogany Top/Body
• 25-1/2" Scale
• 1-11/16" Nut
• Dave Mustaine Spec. Set Mahogany
"D-Shaped" Neck
• Ebony Fingerboard
• Pearl Mustaine Inlays
• Mini Grover Tuners
• Black Hardware
• Tune-O-Matic Bridge
• Dave Mustaine Duncan Live Wire Pickup
• DBZ Hardcase included
Custom airbrush paintjob done by Eli Sarnouk
Signed by Tim Ripper Owens, Paul Bostaph, David Linsk and James Lomenzo

Asking price: $1200 (willing to negotiate)


#27 January 27 2013


Re: Sell your stuff!

Selling a Toshiba L850-B411. (excellent condition, used only for 2 days)

CPU: Intel Core i7 3630QM
RAM: 4GB + 2GB = 6GB DDR3 1600MHz
GFX: AMD Radeon HD7670 Mobility w/ 2GB VRAM
Optical drive: 8x DVD Burner - SuperMulti
Radios: 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi + BT
Windows 8 SL 64-bit
Color: Gloss Precious Black

Reason of selling was that my cousin (its buyer) did not like its keyboard.
My cousin was used to old HP Pavilion laptops keyboards. Those came with the keys next to each other with no gaps.
This Toshiba laptop, like most if not all other new laptops, comes with Chiclet-style island keys, ala MacBook keyboard.

This laptop was purchased for $1300 @ M2 multimedia store on 25th of January (this post was made on 27th of January, 2 days), comes with its 3 year warranty and a bag.

I will throw in a free screen calibration, and you can try out the laptop anytime.

Will deliver. I live in Beirut.

Asking price is 1100, negotiable.

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#28 February 5 2013


Re: Sell your stuff!


Paco Rabanne Lady Million 80ml:     65$
Paco Rabanne One Million 100ml:    45$

It was a gift for my sister and I.
Honestly we have a lot of Fragrances so we want to sell them.
I got the price from Beirut Duty Free .
If anyone want both of them it's for 100$.

Pickup from Beirut, furn-el-chebbak.
If anyone is interested pm for more information.


#29 February 6 2013


Re: Sell your stuff!

EVGA 01G-P3-1370-TR Geforce GTX 460

Card condition is Excellent. The card is barely used .
Core Clock
Shader Clock
CUDA Cores

Price : 120$ - Will not deliver


#30 February 8 2013


Re: Sell your stuff!

I want to sell a slim 160 GB PS3 (brand new) and a PS vita (also brand new) for 400 $.

The vita comes with a 4GB memory card, and 4 games. The games are Ninja Gaiden sigma, Gravity Rush, Street fighter X tekken and Sonic all star racing transformed.

The PS3 games are Devil May Cry HD collection, Street fighter X tekken limited collector's edition, Tekken tag tournament special edition boxset, Dead or Alive 5 (w/ special poster), and Okami HD.

If you're interested, please let me know by PM.

I'm selling everything for just 400 $.



#31 February 8 2013


Re: Sell your stuff!

Zomm Wireless Leash™ for 110$

Location     : Lebanon - Greater Beirut
Delivery     : Will not deliver unless it's very near to me :)
Condition     : Brand new

Our mobile phones today are not just about talking - they are a lifestyle. Photos, contacts, movies, emails, and more - and a huge pain if they all get lost. The Wireless Leash tethers to your phone wirelessly and will alert you if you and it ever separate.
\Limited quantity\

Award-winning design

Keeps your phone secure at all times (Make noise when you leave your phone behind)

One-touch emergency dialer (1 button dials the police, or your home number etc)

Finds keys easily(by switching off your Bluetooth on your phone)

Works with Bluetooth®-enabled phones (Android, Iphones, Nokia, Samsung ..etc)

One-touch speakerphone with microphone (answer your calls without seeing your phone)

Small and ultra portable (about size of half dollar)

Easily clips onto key-chain

watch these videos to see it in action..
1st http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybhdDSd3C1U
2nd http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18Ehxj9x-Ok
3rd http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOL28STBLp8


#32 February 10 2013


Re: Sell your stuff!


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#33 February 10 2013


Re: Sell your stuff!

Dropping the price. Selling both the vita + ps3 with all their accessories and games for 350 $. (all of them for just 350 $)

Please reply asap or PM me if interested.

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#34 February 10 2013


Re: Sell your stuff!

Aprilia (Bike) RS125 MY2009
Has 10,000 km on the ODO
Very few scratches
Mechanically Brand new!
Black Color with Red Tiger Signature Mark
Please contact by phone or whatsapp if interested this number 03 73 44 94.


#35 February 15 2013


Re: Sell your stuff!

For sale: HP Pavilion dv6, perfect condition
Price: $900
Product page: http://shopping.hp.com/en_US/home-offic … otebook-PC


#36 February 19 2013


Re: Sell your stuff!

Selling PSvita with 4 retail games and 4GB memory card. (MINT CONDITION)

All for $ 200.
Anyone interested, please drop me a PM.



#37 February 19 2013


Re: Sell your stuff!

Call of duty modern warfare 3 on PS3 (I finished it and don't need it)
Selling for 30$

PM me if interested :)


#38 February 24 2013


Re: Sell your stuff!

Asus P8Z68-V: 200.000 L.L.
Zotac GTX 570: 400.000 L.L.

PM me if interested. Thanks.

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#39 February 27 2013


Re: Sell your stuff!

TP-Link w8901g  for 20$

Still kind of new, only used for few hours to try it out.


#40 February 27 2013


Re: Sell your stuff!

Blackberry Torch 9800       100$
Color Black/Silver
Excellent Condition
All accessories except earphones

Contact on 71/ 272 481

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#41 March 2 2013


Re: Sell your stuff!

Gaming desktop (sold)

Processor : i5-3330 ( http://ark.intel.com/products/65509/Int … o-3_20-GHz )

Motherboard : Gigabyte GA P61 USB3P ( http://uk.gigabyte.com/products/product … id=4005#ov )

Memory : 4GB DDR3 1333 MHz

Graphics: Sapphire Vapor-X 5750 1GB DDR5

Case : Thermaltake V4 ( http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.a … 6811133179 )

PSU : Cooler Master 460W

Monitor : 20 inch LCD

Storage: 500GB HDD

Optical : Regular DVD

price: $550


As much as i love gaming, i simply lack the time to sit and enjoy a game even for 1 or 2 hours. I am opting for a laptop soon with a decent card to satisfy my need for occasional gaming. I work with 4+ monitors at work and when im home im too tired to be sitting on a desk again.

I upgraded everything except HDD, Graphics, and PSU about 2 months ago. The upgrade cost me about $400

Since then i have gamed on it a total of about 20-30 hours so its practically still new. Boxes are available.

HDD contains about 30-35 games and i can keep everything on it.

With current settings, Almost everything runs on ultra at 1280x1024

NFS most wanted runs around 35fps on max at 1280x1024
BF3 around 35fps
Far Cry 3 runs almost maxed out at same resolution with above 30fps

The 5750 is a great mid range card and can be overclocked with a decent performance improvement. When i did OC' it, temps never crossed 55-60c even at full load.

Great for someone looking for a budget build. All you need to make this a beast is a better graphic card (maybe a gtx 660?) and a new monitor and it will turn into a great rig for a very cheap price (less than $1000 all together)

For an extra $50, ill throw in a regular case with an older Gigabyte board and a core 2 duo E6750 2.66 GHz. Great overclocker. I managed to push it from 2.66 to 3.1 GHz for fun with stock cooling.

Price could be negotiable if i have a serious buyer soon.

Delivery: i can do anywhere in Beirut. Other places in Lebanon maybe arrange a meeting half way somewhere.

Desktop sold

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#42 March 4 2013


Re: Sell your stuff!

Hello everyone, I have some manga and I'm willing to sell them.

First I have a a "Deathnote complete box set" it contains all 13 volumes plus the "How to use". I'll hand this Boxset for 50$

2. The Art of Naruto: Uzumaki [Hardcover]   
http://www.amazon.com/Art-Naruto-Uzumak … 1421514079

3.Dragon Ball: The Complete Illustrations [Hardcover]
http://www.amazon.com/Dragon-Ball-Illus … 1421525666

4. Inaddition I have some volumes of series:

Naruto volumes 2,3, and 5
Vampire night volumes 1,2,3,5,8,9,10
Drops of God (Kami No Shizuku) 1,2,3

Ps. All the items listed above are perfect condition, I repeat "Perfect Condition",some people's definition of perfect might differ, however my definition is , identical to when you get a new one from the store.

I'll update with photos if you want.

Please no absurd deals , I may consider trading these manga with something other than money, like games( 3ds or ps3) or headphones ( I need a pair of good headphones).

If interested pm me or reply on this thread thanks.

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#43 March 6 2013


Re: Sell your stuff!

Anyone can advise me of the value of the following items?

Intel DX58SO Motherboard
Intel Core i7 920 CPU
Geforce 9800GT Graphic card...

Thank you :)


#44 March 8 2013


Re: Sell your stuff!


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#45 March 17 2013


Re: Sell your stuff!

NZXT Sentry Mesh fan controller, 30 watts per channel/5 channel fan controller:
http://www.amazon.com/Sentry-Mesh-Contr … controller
samsung 5-pin Micro USB to 11-pin Micro USB HDTV Smart Adapter:
http://www.amazon.com/Samsung-EPL-FU10B … mi+adapter

Blueray movies (Sold)

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#46 March 21 2013


Re: Sell your stuff!

Selling my 1 week new USB Digital TV Tuner with HD resolution for DVB-T channels
It's from the nice brand ''Avermedia''
http://www.avermedia.eu/avertv/uk/produ … spx?Id=450

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#47 March 25 2013


Re: Sell your stuff!

For sale: Sennheiser HD485 headphones

Condition: Excellent (bought in May - June 2010, really started getting used since July 2010)
Passed the break-in period since a long time.

Open headphones (no sound isolation), circumaural (around the ear), 32ohm impedance.

They sound excellent, but I'm selling them to upgrade to something better (and more expensive!).

I got these for around $90 from Germany.

Selling price negotiable, but be realistic and you should know that headphones don't really drop in price over time (they are a technology where they are refined and not revolutionized).

This product has been discontinued from Sennheiser, and probably for a good reason, as it offers too much for its price point (excellent bass while keeping mids and highs in check).

You're free to try the headphones before you buy.

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#48 March 26 2013


Re: Sell your stuff!

For sale:
-Samsung galaxy S3 black 16GB
-CTC warranty valid till 13/01/2014
-Phone was received as a gift but it was barely used. Even stickers are still on.
-It comes with the box and all accessories are still sealed.
-Original software 4.1.2
-With a black leather Leafon case
-Photos are here: http://elmazad.com/item/samsung-galaxy- … nty/233919
-In 2 words, phone is practically new.

Willing to sell it for 450 $ for my fellow lebgeeks.

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#49 March 27 2013


Re: Sell your stuff!

Selling a like new intel DH67BL(1155) plus Kingston 4gb ddr3 ram!!...only for 60 $....pm if interested

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#50 March 27 2013


Re: Sell your stuff!


Reminder: This is not a discussion topic or a Looking to Buy topic.

Sell your stuff serves a specific purpose, which is to sell items you really want to sell. Which means, you have already taken the initiative of organizing the information/data/pictures/prices required to help someone buy those items.



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