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#26 January 11 2010


Re: Some nice geeky Tv series

bigjudge wrote:
nourberro wrote:

the REAL discovery is not available in the middle east ;) the one in the us has wayyy more diversity;) the one in the middleeast is provided by (orbit showtime) which sucks really, ive been watching the same freakin episode that i used to watch as a kid :S and the only new seasons we get are the sucky ones ! which dont get good ratings :S

You are correct , what we see on the discovery channel here in the mideast, is what they broadcast on TLC one of the many channels offered by the discovery networks, but i love all of their shows specially the deadliest catch.

as for the geeky tv series,  here is my list of super geeky series
All 5 star trek series.
SG1 and SGA now i am following the new SGU not as good as the SG1.
Farscape (i adored that show)
Babylon 5 (the best sci fi series of all time right after Voyager)
Quantum Leap
The X-Files
Battlestar Galactica

Some of you might remember a great sci-fi series that didn't last long called Firefly.  Serenity was the movie after the series cancellation.
As far as the big bang theory,it is a hillarious show, Flash forward is very promising, Heroes is pretty good.

SGU is awesome man. The 9 th chevron dude, wait till the series finish up. It's like a new galaxy.
Plus the actors are awesome. You can feel the seriousness and the drama. It's more dramatic than SG1. SG1 had its moments of comedy (ONEAL) , and SGA also with (MCKEE).

I only watched some streaming episodes for SGU , and so far , I believe that this will be the best among them all.

Though, too bad SGA finished. It had a good concept, at the end , but never developed.

Good to see lebanese sci fi fans !


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