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#1 July 3 2009


Bluray or reguar DVD?

Does anyone regularly use bluray instead of DVD here?? Do you think it's worth it?


#2 July 4 2009


Re: Bluray or reguar DVD?

blueray player alone wont suffice, you need a tv with good resolution, hence a modern screen or a good video projector to get the benefits out of blueray.

there is a huge difference in the picture quality between the two. you can watch old movies with a totally different perspective than what you saw the first time. the only issue is that the movie cant be too and that it has been remastered for blueray.


#3 August 12 2009


Re: Bluray or reguar DVD?

I don't have a Bluray player, but I do download Bluray rips and play them on my projector. It is def. worth the purchase if you're willing to dish out the big money for it and a proper setup.

I've watched movies in SD and then in BR and there is a clear difference in the faces of the actors/actress'. You will notice that Megan Fox in Transformers has got a pretty knocked up face and it makes it that much easier to say, she ugly!


#4 August 12 2009


Re: Bluray or reguar DVD?

It would depend on your budget.

Is it worth it? Yes. The quality is incredible, this sunday i had friends over and they wanted to see some nice HD quality, so i showed them The Mummy and they were amazed.

What you need is an HD ready TV, a Bluray player(Standalone or PS3) and an HDMI cable. The combined cost would be around 1000$ assuming that you're getting a 32inch television.

The problem is, the media. Bluray movies cost ~35$ and you have the regional problem as well.

Again, if you have the money, go for it. I'd recommend getting a PS3 to benefit from the gaming capabilities because standalone players cost just as much.


#5 September 2 2009


Re: Bluray or reguar DVD?

Hi to all,
            Thanks for sharing links.As per your discussion, I think the Bluray is very advanced technology....The size of bluray disc is show huge you can store 100 movies ....while in regular DVD you can't store such huge content...The negative point is that you have to buy Bluray disc player...


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