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#26 March 21 2023


Re: Buying a new car

mikasa wrote:

for jouwar, driving on sidewalk, light ofroad on mud and snow, passing through a flooded street,  get an awd suv, thank god i have an suv because my car would be totaled long time ago.

Yeah, an SUV makes more sense, but the amount of used ones for sale is overwhelming are all "خارق", whenever I read that I close the ad - And new ones are either too expensive (Toyota/Honda), or not too safe (Dacia Duster), or have too much electronic stuff that I don't want.

Salloum wrote:

I think the Sunny uses Nissan's CVT - if that's the case stay as far away as you can. Nissan CVTs are known for failing and/or being a huge headache. Also I don't see what the problem is with an electronic handbrake, 99% of new cars have that. It just activates it electronically instead of your arm having to snag it into place.

Yeah, I called Rymco, the new one they have are not CVT, plain old automatic, but with the older design/body which is probably assembled in Egypt (that's why it's cheap) I've read/watched reviews that the safety rating is horrible (including Egyptian mechanics doing youtube video about it). It would have been a perfect car if used only inside Beirut or any other village/town, but I can't trust it on the highway (because we drive like animals)
As for the electronic handbrake yes unfortunately almost two-thirds of new cars have them, I just don't trust anything electronic (except maybe electronic steering which seems good enough) and I've read on multiple forums/youtube videos about their problems written by professional mechanics, not just enthusiasm or motorhead.
The point of making them was purely economical and to add more dash space to include USB ports/wireless charging, stuff that I don't really need.

I gave up on a new car and will look into using pre-technology cars, or even restoring my current car (That I abandoned in 2019).
I have a 93 Buick regal/V6 3.1 with almost 230k km, I brought it 11 years ago from a senior who brought it from Impex in 1994 so it was in good condition. I know that their parts are way more expensive + fuel economy, but it was actually reliable.

I'm actually interested in finding a second-generation Buick Park Avenue (1997–2005) with the 3.8 V6 engine that I've read was the best produced by GM at the time, that can run 300k-400k miles without major issues. (If anyone ever saw a for sale sign on any older America sedan, hit me up)

Older American sedans are maybe the only ones I would buy from a Lebanese because most of their owners got them when they were
old enough to not do anything stupid (in general I mean) - If importing is possible though, I would definitely get a Toyota Landcruiser.


#27 March 22 2023


Re: Buying a new car

You are obviously looking for a car that has the least amount of electric & electronic critical component, as you will have less expensive fixes to worry about. This is smart but you don't have many choices to do that nowadays, companies make a living from selling spare parts.
Most old cards are unsafe, have horrible mpg but you can fix them with a wrench, the good old times...
Maybe get the basic boring Lada, you can buy it new.


#28 last month


Re: Buying a new car

Re-reviving an old thread!
Still looking for the "perfect" car.

Any Toyota Fortuner owner in here?

Everyone agrees that it is not comfortable at all, but our country is small, I think the max non-stop trip if leaving from Beirut is ~3 hours if going to North/South (Which I won't be driving daily, maybe once every couple of months or so even less).
So I guess my question, how bad it is? is it doable?

No question about reliability. Theses 2.7 Dual VVT-i engines are amazing


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