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#1 July 31 2022


Power station / E-generator feedback?

Hello : )

Did anyone invest in an e-generator / power station like the EcoFlow or the Bluetti?

Following several failed attempts with our generator guy to regulate the cost (we're being ripped off big time with what he's charging Vs. what we're consuming Vs. how much he's giving us, a total of 12 hours per day). More so, our building owners forbid us from installing any solar systems on the roof (though it's 80% empty and there's a good 11 hours of direct sunlight, one of the owners we suspect cut a deal with the generator guy to stop anyone from installing systems).

Our only last option is to invest in e-generator but no idea how reliable these are or if they're worth the money over a 10-year window.

Any feedback would be highly appreciated from someone who used them/tried them.


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