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#1 December 16 2021


Recommendations for 4G modem in Lebanon

Hi guys,

I saw sodetel offer for the 4G router, i called and asked if i buy the device or lease it and it wouldnt pick up the signal at my house would you guys refund and they said no and neither they will send someone over to try and test to see if it works so i began to wonder to buy a 4g/5g modem with built in battery with LAN ports and i would buy a sim card and use it within.

My question is, do you guys recommend a specific 4G modem? i have seen NETGEAR Nighthawk M1 4G LTE Router but im not sure if it would be compatible and work in lebanon (bands etc correct me if im wrong if it needs unlocking or something) or do you guys recommend something locally to use based on experience?


#2 June 2 2022


Re: Recommendations for 4G modem in Lebanon

Bit late, not a recommendation, I'm using TP-Link TL-MR6400 with Alfa mobile broadband, cheapest model from a local shop, although it's CAT4, the speed is better than my CAT15 smartphone indoors ~60Mbit router indoor, 90Mbit outdoor. Phone: ~40Mbit indoor same spot, 170Mbit outdoor.
I'm not sure if you need to register these the same way with smartphones coming from abroad.
Detected bands:
Band 20 is better than 3 in a room without a window, while 3 is significantly faster near a glass window and outdoors. Auto always selects 3 even in low signal.
I'd recommend something with 5Ghz Wi-Fi, I'm using this behind a decent access point.

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#3 June 6 2022

I Am Root

Re: Recommendations for 4G modem in Lebanon

i Bought from IDM a 4G router. it is a dlink router and to be exact, dlink DWR-921 and it works smoothly for 4G with an idm 4g subscription. i recommend it for sure.


#4 December 11 2022


Re: Recommendations for 4G modem in Lebanon

Are you using the IDM 4G on a a router bought outside of IDM?

Because IDM informed me that it only works with their modem (liked to Serial numbers)



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