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Recommendations for a UPS


Can anyone recommend a UPS that can power a TV and standard receiver for a few hours (~ 4 hrs)?
I don't have the exact power rating for the TV, but it's a standard 43" LED.

- With a built-in reliable battery
- Not unbranded, not an unknown brand as I have a feeling some in the market can't be trusted and have just popped up due to market need.
- At the same time, not prohibitively expensive (e.g. APC is excellent, but expensive).
- Can be bought online - avoids the haggling and greedy sellers

How much would it cost?
How long would it take to fully charge?

Would be nice to see some calculations as to how you came up with how many hours it can sustain the tv and receiver.

Many thanks!


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Re: Recommendations for a UPS

Usually UPS with Built in battery have small power rating, if you want to run a TV with a receiver for more than half an hour you need a high power external battery.
Maybe there's a new model with built in high power battery but i think it will be very expensive.
The amount of power needed is related to your tv and receiver power consuption.


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Re: Recommendations for a UPS

Thank you for your reply.
Yes I was hoping for a self-contained UPS that can sustain the TV and receiver.

I've got another question -- does anyone know where rechargable LED lights can be bought from? And I'm not talking here about flashlights used for camping that have very strong beams. Rather, I've heard of regular lightbulbs (screw-on) that would fit in your normal chandeliers, and they would switch on when the power is cutoff.
Any idea where this can be found?

Basically, looking for a way to have a bit of light in the house during blackouts, without relying on expensive inverters and batteries.
ad-hoc solutions for lights and TVs etc. would be great. There's already a tiny UPS for the router but that's about it.


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Re: Recommendations for a UPS

I have bought several from Karout mall prices range from 125 thou to 300. would not recommend actually batteries die fast and the light gets dimmed by the minute


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