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Trustworthy Laptop Sellers in Lebanon?

Hey guys,
So Ive been searching for a gaming laptop to buy and during my search process i noticed the prices vary drastically between stores and there is alot of shadiness going on.

Most websites either dont have good prices or dont have a good selection to choose from.

I bought a laptop that was supposed to be "brand new" yet it came unsealed and it was refurbished ! Long story short the laptop was defected and it's been returned.

Can you please suggest some credible and trustworthy places to buy a decent gaming laptop for a decent price ? I need a place that respects itself and the warranty it provides. When a store says the laptop is brand new then it should be so !

Would appreciate all the help.


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Re: Trustworthy Laptop Sellers in Lebanon?

"PC and Parts" and "Ayoub computers" are pretty great. Their prices are not much higher than your average lebanese retailer (still higher than official though) but they only deal with original items and are trustworthy.


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