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#1 June 19 2021


IPv6 problem with 2 routers

Hello all. I have a problem. I've got 2 Modem Routers. I'm subscribed to Ogero Vdsl. Ipv6 works fine on my Tp-Link. But when I enable it on the Asus Modem Router. I get no browsing at all. But if i disable ipv6 and enable ipv4 on the Asus one. Browsing works normally. I don't know why. I really need someone to help me configure ipv6 on Asus modem router. Model number: DSL-AC55U . I have more than 1 option inside the ipv6 category. Native, tunnel6to4 and more than that. On wan category i have slaac and dhcp and alot more. So if someone can help me solve this issue i'll really appreciate it. Thank you all.


#2 June 24 2021


Re: IPv6 problem with 2 routers


Your issue seems a bit complicated so I don't think that simply describing it might be enough to find a solution. Maybe you could tell us why you absolutely need IPv6 to work and also why are you using 2 routers? What is it that you are trying to do? What program/job/task has a requirement for such complications?



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