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#1 April 22 2020


Hello party people.

Hey guys I am new here, just joined mainly because to find like minded people to chat about anime, video games and mostly to find people to play online games with on PS4 (I know console gross plz spare me PC master Race) other than COD and FiFA, like Nioh , divinity 2 original sin II.
I am really hopping to find FF14 players as now we are in lockdown playing an MMORPG would help pass the time but I am having a hard time to enjoy an MMORPG solo but the story is so GOOD. I am shocked how good the story is for an MMO.
Anyways that's all from me


#2 April 22 2020


Re: Hello party people.

Finally someone who knows and enjoys Original Sin II, one of the best RPGs ever!
Welcome, you may find that this place has become a bit stale, it hasn't been that much active recently.


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