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#226 November 21 2019

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Re: RTX 2080ti - Nvidia "Turing" Upgrade

kareem_nasser wrote:
xterm wrote:

Not to derail the subject being discussed but is it normal for my GeForce RTX™ 2080 Ti GAMING OC 11G to run at ~85 degrees on the following:

1440p 144hz
Everything Maxed
200% Scale

The air flow is supposedly correct in the case, I even kept the case open and nothing changed.

I think as long as it is at around 80 degrees then you are good. It is a beast and you are already playing at maxed settings 1440p144. It would be a problem if it is overheating and affecting the performance (stutter for example).

Bit of high temperatures , 

My O11G strix OC'd to 2010Mhz on Core has 68 Degrees on 100% Load with no heat  throttling after prolonged gaming hours . Case being used
Corsair Crystal Series 680X RGB with couple of LL fans ( 120mm ans 140mm) in a specific push - pull configuration I set.

Resolutions Playing at

2160p 120hz (TV)
1440p 144hz (Monitor)

Both Max settings.


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Re: RTX 2080ti - Nvidia "Turing" Upgrade

AMD is talking about Big Navi to Compete with Two Years Old HighEnd turing , upon release. & Nvidia Will be Announcing Ampere in March.

Always Catch With Me A Year Later with AMD.

https://videocardz.com/newz/rumor-first … cs-surface


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Re: RTX 2080ti - Nvidia "Turing" Upgrade

Yeah AMD is more successful with CPU in terms of sales volume than gpu


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