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#1 January 26 2020

Tech Guru

The Power Of Intel

Intel's $10 billion in fourth quarter revenue from its PC-centric business alone far outweighs AMD's recent $1.8 billion quarterly revenue for its entire company (graphics and processors). Add in Intel's $7.2 billion in 4Q data center revenue to get a real sense of the challenge ahead of AMD.

https://www.tomshardware.com/news/intel … ge-layoffs

Still AMD needs years and years to catch ... Zen 2 performance is very questionable indeed. It should have destroyed Intel 14nm in every thing not mice and cat race and falling behind .. as a result you see many gamers did not shift to AMD and kept on Intel. AMD dropped the trend of good prices and lunched Zen 2 with relatively high prices and an x570 board for full benefit dropping also the one platform ( AM4) value proposition without change.

My experience in my 2nd setup with the 3950x ( with the Aorus X570 Xtreme) is less than satisfactory.

Didnot AMD CEO Lisa Su presented with a premarketing hype slides that 3950X will have a better gaming perfromance vs the i9 9900k with a " seamless gaming performance"  by throwing comparative marketing  slides here and there. Yet when it is released still Intel wins in tightly and lightly threaded situations / aps such as gaming.

Is 7nm is about sucking 200- 220W in the 3900-3950X and decreasing the the boost clocks + mere 25%  increase in IPC. Where is the 7nm efficieny and lithography shrinking advantages. Still a cat - mice race with an 14nm based on Skylake architecture.  Intel core engineering wins in its low latency core communication and core optimization.  7nm should in reality destroy 14nm in everything , but emphasizing on 7nm lithography rush lunches to compete made AMD fall in the perfromance questioning.

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