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#1 January 16 2020


Heads up about Invo-USA UPS

I need a UPS, just a small one for my router and Raspberry Pi.   I wanted one with a monitoring port since I can then monitor power cuts remotely.   I found this model, the Invo-USA INLI85 in a local shop, on the box it said that it had communications via USB/RS-232/SNMP, here's an image on the box:


So I buy it, bring it home, open it up, there's no data port.   I contacted Invo-USA, which despite the name is apparently a Lebanese company asking what's up.   They responded promptly, and after some back and forth, apparently the USB port is only on the 1.7KVA model and above.

It isn't at all clear on the box that this is the case, and it isn't clear on the features matrix pdf on their website either:
http://www.invo-us.com/Library/Assets/l … 0-3000.pdf

Posting this since there isn't a lot of information available about this company, figured it might help someone else.

Anybody know an inexpensive UPS with a monitoring port?   This feature tends to be on the high-capacity and thus more expensive models, but like I said I just need to run about 25W off it.


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