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#1 November 24 2019


Fixing a Windows problem - sharing an experience

I like to share an experience that might be of help.
A couple of months ago, a friend's PC kept restarting with Automatic repair; I tried everything I was able to find on the internet to fix it but it did not work. I had to format.
Yesterday, a client of mine had the same problem:
- I booted with DLC DVD; Did a fixboot and fixmbr, yet it did not work; What happened is that the automatic repair on startup stopped but another error happened: winload.exe error.
The PC having Windows 10 home, I tried to boot on a Win 10 USB but PC did wasn't able to boot. So I tried something else; I booted with Win 7 USB, (even though the PC runs Win 10), did a startup a repair: a couple of minutes and Windows booted back normally :)
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