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#26 June 8


Re: Budget phone for dad

Xiaomi officially available in Tripoli at Beirouty cell : 70 318 411. You can whatsapp him, he's a friendly guy.
He has also most xiaomi phones, screen replacements, accessories, etc...

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#27 June 8


Re: Budget phone for dad

Ezio wrote:
rolf wrote:
dp0001 wrote:


this -> https://www.hicart.com/mobile-tablets/n … 1drgbw1a05

Nokia 6.1 plus, android one, snapdragon 600 series , super discounted (though battery not so strong if he is a heavy user)

Thank you, I think this is good advice! Do you think it can be had for less? It's already a decent price though.

There is also the Xiaomi Mi A2 which should be similarly priced and also support Android One but with slightly better specs. Can it be found in Lebanon?

xazbrat wrote:

but at least the A10 has an AMOLED screen

Apparently it doesn't. I read that it has a good screen but the specs I found list LCD not AMOLED.

The Samsung A20 has AMOLED.

Where I can find the Xiaomi Mi A2, I searched major shops( amhaz and ctc..) but none have it.

My bad---I was looking at the A20 and thought that Samsung didn't use any other screens except for AMOLED, but I guess the A10 is one of the few if not only exception(s).

As for the Xiaomi A2 (lite)  Phonefinity had it last week--just checked it was sold out though ($220)  3gleb has it, but a bit more expensive at $254Gadgettechstore  has them too for $260.  I am sure others do too--try walking into local shops and see what you can find.  The guy I in my neighborhood has a few brands which he doesn't advertise much like Xiaomi, Oppo and Nokia


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