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#26 May 29


Re: My PC build after 10 years

AVOlio wrote:
nefe_lpmk wrote:

Maybe next upgrade.

That's in like 10 years right? lol

nefe_lpmk wrote:

I am running normal 35 degrees on CPU and 60-70ish under heavy load (most cores to 5Ghz) on the Noctua.

You mean NZXT Cooler? Or you have a noctua cooler now?

nefe_lpmk wrote:

However I am a bit curious about ultra-wides and curved monitors experience.

Hey, about the monitors, if you're up for it, maybe we can make a switch for a few days and enjoy both worlds.
Or we can plan simply to visit each other if moving the monitors is too much of a hassle.
Let me know if you would be interested in such a proposition.

Now I'm simply waiting to receive the arctic paste and will work on it then.

Yes yes NZXT cooler, I mixed the names.
Concerning the switch, I think it's a hassle and could damage the hardware. Maybe we can setup a visit.
Also, let us know if you tackled the heat issue.


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