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#1 April 14 2019


Photography: Lens mount adapter


I am looking for where to buy lens mount converters.
These are usually like a small metal tube or ring that you mount on your camera, to be able to uses lenses which were designed for another mount.

I already have the following adapters:
- Canon EF lens to Micro 4/3 body
- Pentax K lens to Canon EF body.
- Pentax 110 to Micro 4/3 body.

I am looking for either:
- Pentax K lens to Sony E body
- Canon EF lens to Sony E body (manual adapter, not interested in the Metabones or other expensive electronic adapters)

I have been asking around a bit, no success.

All I seem to get across is Canon or Nikon accessories.

Normally I would get these on ebay, but it would be nice if I could just drive somewhere and buy what I need, even if it costs more.


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