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#1 April 7


car speakers

guys i need your help here, i'm considering changing the speakers of my car, 2 sets of 6,5 inch speakers, where do you recommend changing them , what brand , how much would it cost me , do i have to change the radio as well , i have a clk 1998 with pretty much blown up speakers,


#2 April 7


Re: car speakers

Check the output power of your radio and then you'll know if you'll need an amp or if it will be enough to drive them.

As far as sources to buy from, I don't know. The install is relatively simple as well, you can do it yourself if you are a simple DIYer.

If you'll need an amp, then I would suggest replacing the head unit to something newer with more power which will give you more features possibly. It's best to use the head unit to drive your speakers and an amp for your sub. 6in speakers will give you great sound and bass if you have a good head unit.

As far as brands go, Pioneer has always been my favorite, read up on the different models and if you can, get someone to bring them from outside for you as everything here seems to be low end versions. At least from what I've seen.

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