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#1 April 1 2019


can i patent my application idea

hello i am working on a new startup and was wondering if there is anyway i can patent this idea so that no one will be able to steal it ? if so how much will it cost ? and what is the procedure ?


#2 April 1 2019


Re: can i patent my application idea


In my experience working with startups and entrepreneurs for a while now, I will tell you that applying for a patent has only one realistic benefit in the current stage of your business and this is: Be more convincing to your VC/Investors. This is a way that will slightly improve your credibility when pitching them to invest with you.

About the patent:
In MENA this is almost non-existent for software material.

Worldwide (basically USA):
You need to hire a lawyer that will do the research and apply for the patent (not cheap)

I advise you to spend your resource on establishing the startup, business plan, and hopefully, a business model and have all your setup ready to have investors giving you good fund for a fair share otherwise investors may take a huge chunk if they assess you as a premature.
All in all, if you are still interested in the patent I can ask my manager for his experience in doing his.


#3 April 1 2019


Re: can i patent my application idea

Do you need a patent?

It's one thing to protect your Intellectual Property (which is already protected by law), and a whole other game to file for a patent.

Filing for a patent is a lot of work, money (you'll inevitably need to hire lawyers for this) and energy, to get your invention registered. There's a ton of ground work to be done to prove that your invention is unique and creative, and it can take years before the patent is filed. Also, keep in mind that patents are not usually respected (there's a lot of problems with patents in practice) and that if someone infringes on your patent, it will be a very difficult (time, money, lawyers) to prove infringement and get reparation. Cases take years (if I understand correctly).

On the other hand, there are other IP protection laws that you benefit from like Copyright law or Trademark law. So, before you actually set your mind on filing for a patent, make sure you consider alternative protection.

I still want a patent

I found this document to describe the patent law in Lebanon. I also found one lawyer firm advertising services to file for patents. There are probably others and they'll know better than me how to answer you.

Note that the language of the patent law in Lebanon seems to be very geared towards industrial inventions, and it's unclear if software (I assume you're patenting a software idea?) is considered eligible for patent (For instance, in Europe, software patents are invalid).

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#4 April 1 2019


Re: can i patent my application idea

Software patents are only good in US. Some EU countries and the rest of the world don't care, build solid code and people will use your software.


#5 April 1 2019


Re: can i patent my application idea

Also there is different type of patents. To block others from using some idea is expensive type of patent, will cost lot of money and time, and as others said - unlikely it is applicable to software only.


#6 April 2 2019


Re: can i patent my application idea

In Lebanon, you can only apply for a patent for software if it is bundled with a physical patented product. You only have intellectual property, as the author (like you wrote a book or a play).

Patents: https://www.economy.gov.lb/public/uploa … 0_6659.pdf (check articles 2 and 3).
IP: http://www.isf.gov.lb/files/piracy.pdf

It might make more sense to apply for a patent in the US, you get more protection and recognition.


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