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Payoneer in Lebanon

hello guys ! I know this subject has been discussed before but i couldn't find the answers and the updates i need.
Have any of you guys used Payoneer before ? How was the experience ? Do you still use it today ?
I saw a lot of talks about the payoneer mastercard saying it say that I need to have minimum of 30 dollars for fees so where or how do I fund the payoneer account ?
Also there's rumors saying they take every month 3$ for nothing and that if we don't pay them we might get into debt. Is that true ? Has any of you experienced this ?
Again if there's no problems and its safe to use how to actually get it to Lebanon ? They're asking for ZIP codes. Should i contact LibanPost and put the ordering address there ? i really need help with this.
Thank you so much for reading this and i hope you can help me with this situation.


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