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#1 January 22

Isa Al

Is there a PayPal service to receive/withdraw?


I found an online opportunity to make some extra money through selling advertising space on my websites, but the advertiser pays only through PayPal/Skrill.

So I am wondering, is there any service in Lebanon so they receive the PayPal payment on my behalf to their account, and then send me the money through OMT or similar method?

I know some services that offer buying on my behalf, but not sure if there is any service to withdraw/receive on my behalf.



#2 February 3


Re: Is there a PayPal service to receive/withdraw?

i don't have a lot of information about this. But as i know that there is no Paypal in Lebanon. I think they wanted to open a branch in like 2013 or something but they no longer want to probably because of the terrible economic situation we have. I want Paypal to open a branch in Lebanon too. Its so sad... This is why i am immigrating after 4-5 years!


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