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#1 December 8 2018


My thoughts on God Of War - Game of the year? [Will contain spoilers]

This "review" is probably filled with spoilers. If you haven't played the game yet, don't read this...

The game consists of recycling the same enemies, in different color/power level for the length of the play-through.
There's always this big troll with a ruin-engraved log, that you basically dodge and hit it's legs, but they keep spawning him with different colors/elemental damage haha.
Seriously, where are the crazy boss fights of God Of War? It's just Baldur over and over, and the fights with him get worse. The first fight was so cinematic, I thought the game was gonna be crazy later on. Instead, later on, it's just: attack with red weapon when Baldur goes blue; Attack with blue weapon when Baldur goes red...

The weapon choice is the worst. Downgrading from the Blades Of Chaos to the most boring weapon of all time, the Leviathan Axe. Really the only thing that's nice about that weapon is to throw it from the top of a mountain, and then wave for it to come back. The combos are short, slow, not effective. It's just a lame weapon,m I can't describe it properly.
The fighting is lame. It used to have more dimension in the older games, where you could JUMP! They used to spawn very diverse waves at you, where you have to plan the fights properly, instead of just spamming arrows at the ones you're not fighting... You could launch an enemy into the air, deal with another, then continue onto the first , etc... you know how hack n slash goes, no? The new fighting system is just bad.

The side-kick, Atreus, Kratos' son, is the most unlikable character I've seen since Connor in AC3. And it doesn't help that just as his bond with his father starts to, well, exist. He gets sick and turns into a reckless, unbearable twat. And then when he snaps out of it, the game ends...
Not mention his usefulness in fights is ... non-existent. You just have to use him, rather than providing us with a way to smartly use him. It's like: if enemy is of type X, use Atreus first.

The loot is bad, and there is no point in spending time on fine tuning your equipment, like you'd do in any RPG. Everything is like 1% improvement, 1% chance to do X. And the elemental damage in the game is completely useless, it doesn't do much damage, and the enemies are mostly immune to it anyway. Not to mention most of the loot look absolutely horrible. I could've played the game with no armor on Kratos at all, and it would've almost been the same.

The setup is horrible. It's just a big stupid lake, with portals around it. They didn't make use of the Norse mythology at all. Although you do meet with Norse gods, they are rare encounters (except for Baldur and Freya), and the setup just doesn't feel, well, Norse haha. Not the music, not the enemies, not the scenery, nothing... In the old games you fought Minotaurs and serpents, Hades, Medusa, Hydras, tri-headded beasts (along with the casual skeletons). In the reboot, all you fight is skeletons and witches, and that ugly big troll with his coold log. Then you have some sort of winged beasts, and enemies that don't look like they are form Norse mythology at all.

The dragon encounters are lame, they act just as a modifier to the battle field, rather than an enemy. You free a dragon and all it does is drop loot. What?!

The story is OK at best. It's just too, hmm, puzzled. Like they rarely give out any info, and its always this stupid head strapped to your hip that's talking lore, where it can easily be missed. But the story itself really isn't much. You are trying to pass an ordeal with your son, just to find out that he and his mother are giants, meeting some weirdos along the way. That's really just it. The theories on reddit about what the lore means have 10000x more story than the story itself.

I'm out of things to say, I played the game a while ago, and it was so bad for me, that I have forgotten most of it... But one really important thing that I have to say is. The God Of War, Kratos, doesn't feel godly at all! I mean, in GOW2, when Kratos is betrayed by Athena, and transformed back into human form. Even then he felt more powerful than the current Kratos, who is supposedly at the peak of his strength. Age means nothing to gods, idk why they had to portray him as a bloody lumberjack!

To give credit where it is due. The game does look stunning, though it's still just PS4. It doesn't have any major bugs. The no cut-scene thing is nice, etc... But that's about it.

The game just looks good, nothing else. Definitely not GOTY award worthy. It's a lot far from being even nearly as fun as the older ones ffs.
I think gamers just need a single player game so bad, that anything high quality would've won GOTY. But if you really dissect this God Of War reboot, you would find how lame the game actually is.

Thank you for reading.


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