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#1 January 26 2018


hello all

hello I'm an old follower of this forum but i registered recently (finally) after solving the equation that is required for registration
I'm 23 years old accountant
i love everything about Android
i own oneplus 3T


#2 January 27 2018


Re: hello all

IMHO Android apps have the best security model out there, and that's not the only thing it got right.

I tried running Andriod x-86 on my Laptop. That was fun and ran surprisingly well!

However, Android never really supported x86/AMD CPUs. It is supposed to run on ARM CPUs. Some apps, such as Netflix, use ARM-specific functionality, and do not work on Android x-86.

Also, I was not able to find a way of running apps in windows, comparable to a normal desktop environment. I tried one game and it had some graphic artifacts.

So, my experiment for using Android-x86 as a replacement for Linux or Windows sadly seems to have failed, so far.

Welcome boudz.

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#3 January 29 2018


Re: hello all

thanks for your reply
it is for sure that android can't replace windows
windows is more capable of running apps and games
my opinion was that I'm interested in android as a mobile phone system
but on my pc i use windows 7 ?(better than 10)


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