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#1 July 2 2017


Avoiding App Suspension on Google Play


I Have publish my webView android app on google play and after 1h my app is suspension

Because I don't have permission to publish webView of someone else website

So I ask the owner of this website by sending email to have the permissions (He accepted)

But I don't know how to tell google the owner gave me the permission to publish my app ?

Thank you


#2 July 2 2017


Re: Avoiding App Suspension on Google Play

you contact their support and send them a screenshot of the email or agreement between you and the website's owner, and they will ask for more if they need, but good luck solving that issue in less than a month, they take forever to reply to support tickets.


#3 July 2 2017


Re: Avoiding App Suspension on Google Play

I try to send screenshot but no reply


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