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#1 February 28 2017


Trouble unlocking bootloader/rooting for LG G4

Hello everyone,

I am having a hard time unlocking the bootloader for my phone. Model H815P on Marshmallow. I searched a lot of topics on xda forums to no avail. I am trying to obtain the device's ID and it is hanging on the "waiting for devices" screen when using the command "fastboot oem device-id". I followed the guide posted on xda and installed the recommended drivers. I also tried many other drivers and still having the same problem. Using USB 2.0 ports.

CMD is recognizing the phone when using "adb devices" command and the phone is booting into the fastboot screen when using  "adb reboot bootloader" I searched for rooting the G4 without unlocking the bootloader but seems that there isn't a workaround for it on Marshmallow. Any help would be appreciated.


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