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#1 December 4 2016


Naughty Dog teasers (The Last of Us 2 + Uncharted DLC)


So Playstation ended their conference(?) with an unexpected trailer for Uncharted and announced releasing a stand-alone DLC for Uncharted.... ALLLL AABBOOAAARRDDD THE HYPE TRAIN!! (Feels train for The Last of Us )

In the The Last of Us (TLU) tralier we first see a sign with the FireFly emblem on it. After that we see Ellie is all grown-up playing on a guitar inside a bedroom and we later see the house littered with fresh corpses as Joel walks in and heads to see Ellie.
"What are you doing kiddo?" he asks. "You really gonna go through with this?"

Ellie sets the guitar down. "I'm gonna find and I'm gonna kill every last one of them," she replies, her eyes cold.

My interpretation for this: Ellie is going after FireFlies; not sure why exactly but its probably for revenge (afterall the virus spread because of them )

As for Uncharted i havent read much tbh so i'll keep it to u!

I just want to see your reactions and hear your thoughts about the amazing news!!


#2 December 4 2016


Re: Naughty Dog teasers (The Last of Us 2 + Uncharted DLC)

I expected that the DLC will tackle the story of Sam and Sully after the end of Uncharted 4. Seeing Chloe and Nadine is a surprise. I will definitely be looking forward to this DLC because you can never have enough of Uncharted.

The Last of Us was one of those games that I went in playing without knowing much about. I finished that game and it was one of the best games I played ever. The storytelling, gameplay, characters and environmental designs were stellar and shows how Naughty Dog are keeping on improving as years go by.

Some people are disappointed that Ellie and Joel are back. However, with the title having a Part 2 moniker, it means that their story is not over yet. The way she says that she wants to kill everyone of "them" is very interesting. Is it the Fireflies? What happened during the last 3 years when she was 16 years of age in the first The Last of Us? Why does she want to kill them? Is it because of Joel's lie at the ending of The Last of Us?

I can't wait for this game. Until then, there are many games to keep me entertained until that game hits the streets.


#3 December 6 2016


Re: Naughty Dog teasers (The Last of Us 2 + Uncharted DLC)

I'm also hyped about both but more about The last of us than about Uncharted.
I played Uncharted 4 recently and finished it; it's OK but not as stellar as media hyped! It's great graphics but other than that, I wasn't so attached to it!
The last of us is another story! IT IS amazing!


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