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#1 December 8 2015


Kaspersky - KIS 2016

Hey guys, I'm having a small issue that I can't seem to solve on my own or even find a proper solution online. A few weeks ago my KIS license expired, I bought a new license yesterday and upgraded to KIS 2016. Only problem is that with the 2016 version my internet browsing gets REALLY slow, even google takes a dozen of seconds to load sometimes. Thing is it's only affecting my speed while browsing on chrome, firefox and internet explorer.

I tried to disable options one by one, even tried searching for a solution to no avail. Only thing that managed to get the browsing speed fixed is by disabling kaspersky. Once I turn it back on I'm facing the same issue.

I'm just wondering if anyone had any similar issue with this version or any previous one of KIS, and if there's any solution for it?

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#2 December 9 2015


Re: Kaspersky - KIS 2016

I had similar problems with many antiviruses that offers internet protection (firewall, vpn, secure browsing. etc) .. best comparison is to uninstall it and download the free version of the antivirus (or the one with 1 month free) .. test the software then and compare.


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