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#1 February 9 2006


Comments on this PC

A friend of mine is buying a PC, and sent me these specs to tell him if they're good or not. Note that this is a prebuilt Acer computer.

3.4 Ghz Desktop, 800 Mhz FSB,
512x2 = 1024 MB Ram DDR Ram
80 GB HDD 7200 RPM
NIC DVD writer
A/E Key Board
256 MB VGA Card
56 K Fax Modem
Optical Mouse

the motherboard is intel 945
built in sound and vga PCI Express
256Mb Gforce 6600 PCI Express
LG 1Gb 16x supermulti drive (writes cd's and dvd's)
windows xp professional

I'm no hardware guru, so tell me your ideas on the vga and motherboard. Please don't start posting make your own rig etc, cause that's not an option don't ask. Is it an overall good PC?


#2 February 10 2006


Re: Comments on this PC

yes it is


#3 February 11 2006


Re: Comments on this PC

i dont trust pre built PCs i suggest he customizes it
the reason for that ill give u an example : theres an Nvidia 6600 for 70 $ and theres one for 450 $ :S:S so which one is it ?? :S its not enough to know the memory u have to know how many pipelines , shader units , core speed ?? blablabla !! and remember this is just the VGA !
processor u have so many classifications its not even funny !! pre built are usually to rip u off !
be care full the RAM is very important , theres all the way from 65 $ til 250 $ price range of RAM !!
if it were for me ill be asking for all the module #s and specs and research them online before buying them !!
good luck mahdoum


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