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#1 June 20 2012


Karim Fakhoury

So i am recently hearing some CellDweller(aka Klayton) soundtracks and remixes, i stumbled upon E.S Posthumus.
They simply compose epic soundtracks for trailers, of known movies like Sherlock Holmes and Spider-Man.
I was listening to one of those soundtracks and the thumbnail was great but searching for it will be hard, to my luck a user on YouTube commented the origin of this image to Karim Fahkoury. Then you know the rest...i Google'ed the dude, he seems to be famous knowing the he was on the top of the search results (and a match to his site of course).

To all Graphic Designers and Website Developers (they sometimes design the website too), check out his interesting portfolio @karimfakhoury.com. He seems to work for people and post his images there too, referring to the client.

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