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#1 January 25 2011


[READMEFIRST] How to ask questions

Things you need to know :


We are not here to solve your homework. You have to prove that you have placed effort to solve your homework prior to asking any question here. We are not smarter or at least we don't claim to be smarter than all the posters available all around the internet, so make sure you do your own research before posting your question.

Another thing you need to note which is very important, is that if you don't place some effort to solve your own problems, it means that you're not serious about your field and if you're not serious about your field, we will bash you in a very rude manner. Software Development and Systems Administration and the lot are already polluted with people that have just cheated their way into their jobs. Jobs, that are better suited for people that are quite capable of providing great benefits. Understand that we're not stupid, we can distinguish homework from anything else.

In summary, we will NOT carry you through your career.

Production work

We all have jobs and things to do. We are all busy people and our time is not free. We will assist you in solving your problem if we deem it worthwhile for the community and for ourselves. However, we need to see that you've placed effort in solving your problem before we can engage in what could be a heated and very long discussion.

If you feel that you cannot provide us with the necessary information that we require then by all means, post your question and place a price tag at then end of your post and someone will gladly provide you with the answer or with the solution implemented.

Template for asking questions : Make sure you follow this template to the letter or you will not get answers to your questions

Topic title format example:

[JAVA] How to read text from the command line?

Post body


Here you explain what you are trying to achieve and your provide information about your development platform.


Here you describe your problem. Explain what the problem is by providing description, stack traces, logging, errors and code blocks.


Here you describe the effort you've placed into solving your problem. You need to be clear about how you post
your code, and all the resources that you've already checked on the internet.


This is the part where you ask your questions, make sure they are properly bulleted so that we can easily quote you and provide you with answers.

1- How do I solve world hunger?
2- How can I fit 10 elephants in a VW
3- ...


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