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#1 April 10 2010


Tweet Bel 3arabi! - Tweeting In Arabic

Hello everyone, 2 weeks ago I wanted to work with the Twitter API so that I can have some experience with and discover more about it, so I thought I can start a little project so I can practice and become more comfortable with the API in case I need it for future projects.

So the idea was to create something that can be useful to some people who need to post tweets in Arabic, the service uses the Yamli API for easy Arabic input after the user authenticates himself/herself with Twitter via Oauth, at first I made it with the Basic Twitter authentication but then I realized that it won't be any more supported by Twitter in the future and that Oauth will be the standard for the future and is much more secure and many users won't trust any website that asks for their twitter username and password.

Anyways, you can find the application at http://www.tb3.devzilla.net/ What I would really like to hear your comments, thoughts, ideas and critiques about the app, and how much it can be useful for you. If you have any ideas for more features please don't hesitate to share your thoughts.

Pertaining to being useful, I don't expect it to become very popular since:

  1. Windows users can easily post Arabic Tweets using Maren.
  2. Many users rarely post in Arabic yet some do have the need.

Yet, there can be still user's who may not like to get Maren or don't use Windows and want to Tweet in Arabic, so Tweet Bel 3arabi can be a solution for them :)     

As for the design, I tried to give it the twitter look and feel as much as possible, please do comment about the design too.

Future improvements I have in mind:

   1. Show the latest tweets of the current user under the tweet box.
   2. Implement Ajax to make posting tweets faster and without the need to go to another page.
   3. Have the app get white listed from Twitter to be able to increase the API hits limit.
   4. To decrease the API hits/user and consumer less I want to set up a database for storing tokens of authenticated users instead of re-authenticating them every time but the only way to do it in my case for now is to make it IP based i.e. identify the users and their tokens from their IP but the problem here is that most IP Addresses are not static and according to what I have seen, my IP today maybe become the IP of someone else the coming week, and that would lead to privacy and identity problems. Any thoughts pertaining this issue?

So here is the app, I hope you like it and I am looking forward to hearing you comments, have a good day :)


#2 April 10 2010


Re: Tweet Bel 3arabi! - Tweeting In Arabic

I like and think it is great for people who want to tweet in arabic. I can't wait to see improvements. Good luck with everything.


#3 April 14 2010


Re: Tweet Bel 3arabi! - Tweeting In Arabic

Bump... Anyone else would like to give me his/her opinion or ideas? Thanks.


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