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#1 April 7 2007


Case & Fans mania

1: Building a pc truly is like making an infrastructure for a real building that is powerful enough against hazardous earthquakes and natural mishaps.
2: In pcs and especially in Lebanon HAZARDOUS events are numerous and this leads to need of understanding what & why Dos and Don'ts.
a: in Lebanon many engineers don't believe in the neccessity of earthing while many third world nations force it.
b: all our buddies need neatness in the room so they push the case very close to walls so they kill all fans exhaustings.
c: everybody wants to buy cheap case equiped with uncertified Power supplies and they spend a lot of money for the CPU Motherboards etc. and always ask for Intel.
d: always the fans supplied with original boxed cpus are meant for minimum working environment while everybody use here for music and or Video production and the nagging doubles.
e: if the pc is being used for any graphic or music production its not anymore normal pc specs will start varying from enclosure to Mouse.
f: assembling a standard pc requires assurance of comfort to all parts of the pc if not all in vain.
3: intel issues certification for all device that connect to its part have you ever asked about?
4: cooling pcs is essential in all aspects and the cooler your pc components are the better the performance of you pc is.
4: Power supplies are very important for pcs and need too much care and cooling have you ever seen real ones.(Certification on PSUs must at least have Intel & iso and Price should never be less than $33.00)
5: major case and cooling factories suggest solutions for all pc components ie. cpu,memory,on board chips and HDD understanding why they produce them will make better understanding of why a pc cooling is essential.
6: The case material also is very important and should always be either aluminum with anti heating and the best are the Black aluminum ones.
7: Best case Manufacturers in the world are Zalman,Enlight,Thermaltake and Antech.
8: planing is easy its like home planning think of every possible future change you might need ensure comfort ie. big case (never buy a small one so to say save space) toolless for easier assembling real power supply so the component don't get struck cooling and real regulated power input.
9:servers require different casing while here they us standard case.

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With respect to forum rules I don't give links here so not to advertise.
Except for the following Which a handy tutorial to make a silent cpu cooler simillar to Thermaltake  Read more
I hope it won't be removed.

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