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#1 March 13 2005


Star Wars Episode III rendered on Windows 64 bit

MICROSOFT said that famous upcoming Star Wars Episode III, Revenge of the sith was rendered on beta version in Windows 64 bit.

This means this operating system like a desirable option even in its beta stage was good enough to render a state of the art movie. The company called Jak Movies decided to go for Windows 64 bit since it was faster to render under 64 bit windows.

This version of Windows is almost ready to meet all the Athlon 64, FX, Pentium Four and Celerons which support it and this is just a start of the new marchitecture. Its interesting to know that such a massive project where actually done with Windows and its 64 bit beta version. Many of us is waiting for that movie for a long time and we will see what 64 bit windows software and tools powered with nice artists where able to make.

As the Star Wars trailer says, the saga begins in May so we will be able to see the difference at that time.

I wonder what CPUs those guys where actually using

The source can be found here.


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