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#1 March 10 2005


Microsoft sues a college student

Sort of. It's actually software giant Microsoft Corp. vs. local college kid David Zamos. And the battlefield is in a federal courtroom in Akron.

And what did Zamos, a Kent State University student, do to awaken the corporate king?

He sold two software packages on eBay for a little more than $200.

In response, Microsoft has thrown four lawyers at the 21-year-old chemistry major, filing a lawsuit in U.S. District Court and claiming hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages.

This week, a Microsoft spokeswoman said the company is ready to drop its suit and walk away, but it cannot because Zamos won't drop his. The student said a simple apology from Microsoft would have settled the matter a month ago, but that apparently isn't happening.

Now, Zamos said he wants more than an apology for his troubles. He wants at least $40 for all the court documents he fashioned and copied in fighting the suit, plus compensation for the 120 hours he spent researching his defense.

If no settlement is reached, Zamos said he is ready to defend himself in court. A case management meetingis scheduled for later this month.

Microsoft can be really daft sometimes, sueing before they do their research and find out if they are able to win it or not.

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