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#1 May 1


Where do you change your car oil?

where do you do your car oil change?
which brand?
how much per litre?
after how many km you do it?
do you check the state of the drained oil? is it still transparent or black/burned?
is your engine consuming/losing oil?
the oil volume is the same when you filled it as when you drained it?

thanks a lot


#2 July 6


Re: Where do you change your car oil?

The oil volume should be the same, the darker the oil the worst. Mine is a bit burned yeah and I waited a bit too long. Also if the oil is very bad the sound of the engine can change a little, and you'd hear pinging, clicks, etc.

How many KM depends on the oil.

Oil is sold by KG and it's like $5-10 per kg.

I change it at a garage near my house. I try to buy old in sealed bottles. Ideally from well known brands. You'd have to inspect. There is a "factory" in Lebanon where they "recycle" used car oil - so one has to be a little carful I'm guessing that oil can be resold as new, that's why it's better to stick to well known brands, sealed containers. Even that can be faked so try to be careful and smart.

So yeah try to find someone you trust.

PS: jeez 2 month old post, gotta be careful on this site.

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