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#1 April 16


Web Hosting

So I'm just running this idea through my head currently, I have a few clients in Lebanon who run their websites through my server in Canada and when credit cards stopped working I started taking money from them through Western Union (from within Lebanon).

Ever since I left we couldn't figure out what to do in terms of payments. It was ridiculous to send it to Canada. I still ran their sites and renewed their domains, but now just given up and said they can send money to a friend in Lebanon (still through Western Union) and he just keeps it there until I go visit. I preferred everyone pay their own dues through CC but what can you do?

Anyways, I figured I'd put this out there if any of you guys are interested in having a side business in Lebanon, I can provide the hosting and domain registration, I am a wholesaler of both. You can set your own prices with your clients and you just send me the fees locally.

For example, my most popular in Lebanon:
3GB storage
Emails (web/IMAP)
1 TLD (com/org/net/or other ones in the same price range)
For $120/yr (I invoice $100 for the hosting and $20 for the domain)

You have your own admin panel (DirectAdmin) to manage their site and install whatever you want on it. I can also help you get started if you are unsure of what to do. If you need help with web design, I can provide paid WordPress themes for free (this is the simplest way to do it). You select the theme and I'll download it through my subscription and upload it to the server. Then you customize it to the client's needs and charge them for the work.

Of course, needless to say, this is my legitimate side business registered to my name, so no illegal stuff.

If you're interested, send me a PM. If you want to ask general questions, post below.


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