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#1 March 22 2023


Lost Fiber Connection due to relocation

Hello Everyone,

I have recently moved out of my place. I had both IDM Fiber and Ogero Fiber connections.
Although I waited a lot to get those connections, I have lost them now since I am unable to move them with me and have to get new configuration and setup.
Regarding Ogero, I was able to get a new landline and F number and have installed the connection along with the router but the router needs to be reconfigured to my new number which is done by calling 1515 or sending an email . I did both but with no luck until now.
Have tried doing the same by myself but the router user name (root) and password are not working.

Has anyone gone through the same process . any advice I can have to have my connection back again noting that OGERO seems to be on strike again now.



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